The Siegfried solo (LONG CALL) (Gerd Seifert & Hans Pizka)
from Richard Wagner´s opera "Siegfried" 2nd act

Liste der Aufnahmen mit dem Siegfriedruf - List of recordings of the Long Call - Part 3

Dazu einige historische Beispiele mit dem Hornruf aus dem 1.Akt Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt) - Some historic examples about the Short Call from the first act of Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rhine Journey)

Recordings of "THE CALL"

Gerd Seifert playing the LONG CALL in two RING sets:The Salzburg RING under von Karajan (CD) - (production)-


& the Chereau production of the Bayreuth RING (LASER , (live)  CD) -


but also on some live recordings from Bayreuth : to come here soon

1966 Dr.Karl Boehm conducts


Gerd Seifert, den früherenWeltrekordhalter mit 151 "Rufen" (soweit meine Informationen; er hat den Ruf zum letzten Mal mit 68+ Jahren in Kiel gespielt - welch ein "Held"),


habe ich jetzt mit 159 Siegfriedrufen überholt.

Für das Video von einem der letzten Rufe (17.11.02) bitte ganz oben in dieser Spalte auf das Foto klicken.)

Aber Gerd bleibt die Ehre, den Siegfriedruf in 151 Siegfried Vorstellungen geblasen zu haben, während ich den Ruf auch schon mal als Zugabe nach dem 2.Hornkonzert von R.Strauss, dem Gliere Konzert oder dem Konzertstück von Schumann gespielt habe oder vor dem Publikum bei Internationalen Horn Workshops (auch mit Gerd Seifert in der ersten Reihe oder neben mir stehend ! = auch nicht jedermanns Sache, oder ?). Aber der Grossteil war doch bei Siegfriedaufführungen. Der "Kleine Ruf" ist hier nicht mitgezählt.

Beim Verfassen der Biographie meines grossen Vorgängers Prof.Josef Suttner fand ich jedoch seine exakten Aufzeichnungen bezüglich der von ihm geblasenen "Siegfriedrufe":

am 10.März 1941 blies er im Münchner Nationaltheater seinen 153.Siegfriedruf (dabei sind auch seine Siegfriedrufe in Prag, Karlsruhe und Stuttgart gezählt) in Aufführungen des "Siegfried". Ihm gebührt also der doppelte Lorbeerkranz:

The Short Call from Goetterdaemmerung (also from the Innsbruck concert):  Hans Pizka


It might take a while until the Call is played. Be patient. Just 230 KB


There is another LIVE recording of the Siegfried including "my" LONG CALL from the new Tyrolean Festival at Erl from the "Passion-play" (you know the play about Jesus Christ´s life, passion & death) from the performance of July 24rth, 1999. (ARTE NOVA 74321 72116 2). Gustav Kuhn conducts a quite romantic Siegfried.

a totally unsuccessful Short Call


recorded in Italy:

See also the page of Peter Svensson, tenor, with whom I performed the Long Call ten times  Svensson.htm


click above for the Long Call, played on a brand new pumpenhorn during the Yamagata Horn Festival 1995 - Ein Video Clip vom Internationa-len Horn Festival 1995, wo ich den Siegfriedruf als Zugabe auf einem eben von der Ausstellung geholten ganz neuen Wiener Horn spielte. (Yamagata, links weiter oben)

Aufnahmen des Siegfriedrufes:

für meinen letzten Ruf in München 17.11.2002 strg - click auf das Bild

for my last Long Call ctrl-click on the picture

Hans Pizka (3 live recordings on CD). playing the LONG CALL & the SHORT CALLs in Goetterdaemmerung on the LASER DISC set with the Munich RING from 1989 under Sawallisch (I did Rheingold, Walkuere, Siegfried 1st act & Goetterdaemmerung 2nd act plus the calls). recorded from the LIVE performance. The sound track is available as complet CD set from EMI.

Long Call from the dress rehearsal Munich Oct. 31st, 2002 (audio file):


2 CD set from a concert with the Innsbruck Symphony ( live CD ), Georg Schmoehe conducts the concert versions  (hard to get, as this was a special CD for the friends & sponsors of the orchestra. STOEHA001/2). The title is: RICHARD WAGNER - Rheingold . Walkuere . Siegfried . Goetterdaemmerung . Konzertfassung von Georg Schmoehe. We would name it "The Ring without words".

Listen to a live recording from a concert from Innsbruck, featuring the “Ring without words”. They hired me as a guest for the Long Call, for which I used my regular double horn the Ganter-Pizka-Double-Horn built 1983.

   RufInsbr96.WMA  and listen ! Remain patient, please, as it might take a while until replay will start, depending on the speed of your machine. 

click here for the audio file

Gerd Seifert, the old world champion with 151, as far as I know,  LONG CALLS (he just played the solo again, at age 68+ - what an heroe !!!!), is surpassed now with my  LONG CALLS no.159 in public.

But Gerd remains the all-time-honour of 151 LONG CALLS in Siegfried performances only, while I count also the LONG CALL played as an encore after Strauss No.2 or Gliere op.91 or even after Konzertstueck other pieces in concerts with orchestra or in front of the crowded audience at International Horn Workshops (even Gerd Seifert sitting in front of me or standing on my side. But the vast majority is also from Siegfried performances. The Short Call from Goetterdaemmerung is not counted.

When writing my great predecessor Prof.Josef Suttners biography, I discovered within his exact notes regarding this famous solo, that he played the Long Call the 153rd time in real performances of "Siegfried" on March 10th, 1941 at the Munich National Theatre, his other Long Calls from Prague, Karlsruhe & Stuttgart accounted. It was his last Long Call just a week before his 60th birthday anniversary. So he deserves the double kranz of laurels.

See the Siegfried page: Siegfried1-1&2.htm  (after the premiere of Nov.3rd, 2002) - you can click to the other acts & scenes from there

One of our readers of the IHS Hornlist said, I might have many, many recordings of my Long Call, but would place only the best of them here. Well, why should I place my worst calls here ?

Here is the Long Call from the Munich premiere of Siegfried Nov.3rd, 2002 -

 my worst Long Call, 3112002PizkaBoo.WMA 

recorded secretely from a seat 20th row, Nov. 3rd, 2002. - may I mention, that I included the Boooo after act 1 , the whole sequence from the English Horn solo until the Long Call & the Boooo after act 2, to illustrate the situation:

The laughter just after the English Horn ends       ( see my Siegfried-page -Siegfried2-2.htm and the other links, left column top)-   then the mistake that Fafner-dragon alias a 4 meters high costumed balloon did not fold up (looking like the old widow from the children stories !) , so the whole stage crew swirrled noisily & nervously around me or near me, to repair things, which they could not. Not the ideal situation for high concentrated work as necessary for the Long Call. Yes, it was my worst Long Call - things which happen just very few times in my life.  


1.: the oldest recordings including Vienna 1933 up, Bayreuth 1951 up, Dennis Brain, Freiberg, Thevet, Tuckwell, Horner, Koch, Farkas, N.Y. 1937 up, Iervolino, Ceccarossi, Lohan, Penzel, Ploetner, Krueger, Lind, Kainz LongCall1.htm 

2.: Peter Damm, Tomboeck, Stransky, Susanna Wich, Lampert, Julie Landman, Gregory Cass  LongCall2.htm 

4.: Midifiles: Siegfried Fantasy for 8 horns by Karl Stiegler; The Long Call   LongCall4.htm

to see my horn used for most of my Long Calls go:  MySiegfriedHorn.htm

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