The Siegfried solo (LONG CALL)
from Richard Wagner´s opera "Siegfried" 2nd act

Liste der Aufnahmen mit dem Siegfriedruf - List of recordings of the Long Call - Part 4

Dazu einige historische Beispiele mit dem Hornruf aus dem 1.Akt Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt) - Some historic examples about the Short Call from the first act of Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rhine Journey)

Midi files

Und nun das Solo einmal anders mit allen "Unfällen"- the solo with all possible accidents.

To listen to the solo, click here again:  Siegf1a.MID

This is a "synthetic" MIDIfile, but try to do it better.

"Siegfried-Fantasy" for 8 horns by Karl Stiegler (music available, already recorded for 2 different CDs by two different groups) 



1.: the oldest recordings including Vienna 1933 up, Bayreuth 1951 up, Dennis Brain, Freiberg, Thevet, Tuckwell, Horner, Koch, Farkas, N.Y. 1937 up, Iervolino, Ceccarossi, Lohan, Penzel, Ploetner, Krueger, Lind, Kainz LongCall1.htm 

2.: Peter Damm, Tomboeck, Stransky, Susanna Wich, Lampert, Julie Landman, Gregory Cass  LongCall2.htm 

3.: Gerd Seifert & Hans Pizka LongCall3.htm

to see my horn used for most of my Long Calls go:  MySiegfriedHorn.htm

um mein Horn, das ich für fast alle Siegfriedrufe verwendet habe, oben klicken.

click for files with contents about the Bavarian State Orchestra (BSTO) & the horn players there & the history

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