Das Hornsolo aus dem 2.Akt von Richard Wagners Oper "Siegfried"

The "Long Call"- famous horn solo from the 2nd act of R.Wagners opera "Siegfried"

Part 1

Liste der Aufnahmen mit dem Siegfriedruf - Dazu einige historische Beispiele mit dem Hornruf aus dem 1.Akt Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt)

List of recordings of the Long Call - Some historic examples about the Short Call from the first act of Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rhine Journey)


Recordings of "THE CALL"

There are several recordings of the LONG CALL on CD (CD) or LASERDISC (LD) or LP
(L): some of them are LIVE

La Scala di Milano, 1950, conducted by Furtwaengler- (LIVE)



Domenico Ceccarossi (L, C): Furtwaengler conducting the Capella Santa Cecilia in
Rome 1951, also the RING in the Scala Milan also under Furtwaengler.
(LIVE) -  


Dennis Brain from the Instruments of the Orchestra 78-HMV-record with Sir Malcolm Sargent - there is also a video recording by BBC, Dennis Brain playing the Short Call from act 1 of Goetterdaemmerung, but it cannot be shown here.


Erich Penzel, Bayreuth 1960, Rudolf Kempe conducting - (LIVE) (picture see below) -


the famous Opera House in New York, Jan.30th,1937, Arturo Bodanzky conducting


the famous Opera House in New York, 1951, the Stiedry RING


and the short call


 & the beginning of act 3 Goetterdaemmerung


the famous Opera House in New York, 1975, both Calls -      very soon      very soon

Buenos Aires Teatro Colon, Erich Kleiber conducting 1947 & Short Call - perhaps Antonio Iervolino


Buenos Aires Teatro Colon, Heinz Wallberg  conducting 1962 - Long Call & Short Call played by Domenico Zullo, still at the Colon, playing first horn in 2004.



Heinrich Keller from Hamburg,playing the Call in Bayreuth 1958 (30th July or 16th Aug.), Hans Knappertsbusch conducting - (LIVE)


Heinz Lohan from Dresden (later Stuttgart) playing the Call in Bayreuth 1956 under Josef Keilberth & Hans Knappertsbusch- (LIVE) -

Heinz Lohan far right on the pictur below - Rolf Lind sixth from the left - the gentleman, sixth head from right could be Hermann Neuling.


Rolf Lind, Bayreuth 1953, Clemens Krauss  conducting - (LIVE) - Aug.10th, 1953 - no.6 from left, with cigar,


the 1952 Long Call from Bayreuth is coming in a few days from now !


Wilhelm Krueger from Leipzig playing in Bayreuth 1951, Herbert von Karajan conducting- (LIVE) - 2nd or 13th  of August 1951


The Short Call from a Furtwaengler concert March 1954 in Vienna (VPO) has Gottfried von Freiberg as horn soloist


The Viennese DECCA production of the RING under Solti is famous and exemplaric. Freiberg was still involved on the first horn, young Roland Berger recorded his superb LONG CALL on the single F Wiener Horn, which was his only LONG CALL besides one played during a rehearsal. But nevertheless, his CALL was my ideal.


Aufnahmen des Siegfriedrufes:

Emil Wipperich, the first player of the Bayreuth LONG CALL 1896 (after the premiere series 1876) recorded it at the beginning of this century as did Anton Horner. (78 & wax roll)

Emil Wipperich   I still have hope to discover his recording of the Long Call 1904. I heard, that an important collector, a reference for EMI, should have this recording. I´m still hunting for it.

Emil Wipperich im Jagdanzug (Makartfestzug in Wien)

Anton Horner

ganz links auf dem Bild, Max Pottag (mitte) und Carl Geyer (rechts) - aus der IHS Brochure über das erste IHS Horn Symposium in Tallahassee/Florida 1967.

from left: Anton Horner, Max Pottag & Carl Geyer, from the IHS brochure about the first IHS International Horn Symposium in Tallahassee/FLA. 1967.


from the wax roll, recorded about 1912. I corrected the pitch only, no other editing.

Paul Ploetner from Dresden can be heard with the first signal of the Long Call on a Bayreuth recording of 1936. (78) - tenor: Max Lorenz


Franz Koch, Vienna Symphony, 1949, Rudolf Moralt conducting, live, Koch using a high F descant horn


Barry Tuckwell is to be heard on the Live recording of Siegfried, produced by Sadler Wells Opera in London 1973, published by Chandos in 2001


Philip Farkas plays the Shoret Call on a recording with CSO under Fritz Reiner

Farkas trying a Viennese Pumpenhorn made by Hermann Ganter, ca.1983; he liked it.


The Short Call from the Rheinfahrt, recorded 1960 with Philharmonia London under W.Klemperer


There are more recordings than these

An unidentified Short Call from a Knappertsbusch DECCA recording in Vienna 1959:obviously played on a discant horn)


Leopold Kainz, Vienna State Opera, concert with excerpts from the Ring, conducted by Hans Knappertsbusch, Vienna Jan.31st, 1942; Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt (Rhine Journey) Kleiner Ruf (Short Call)2nd from right


Lucien Thevet, Paris, on his personality recording:


Unidentified unsuccessful attempt to end the Short Call (somewhere in northern Italy but not Milano)


Bob Tucci, my Tuba colleague, who was with the VPO when they recorded the RING under Solti, just told me, that when Roland Berger recorded the Long Call, the sound engineer played back a recording of the call they had done shortly before  in Israel with the horn player DelVescovo from France, including all the vibrato, so Roland became really shocked about the result (!) of his playing. Big laughter when the truth came out. That tricky sound engineers ......???? - Roland never played the Long Call in any Siegfried performance. What a pity, really !!

links: click 6click for files with contents about the Bavarian State Orchestra (BSTO) & the horn players there & the history


How to play LONG CALL - Wie spielt man den Siegfriedruf ?


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