The Siegfried solo (LONG CALL)
from Richard Wagner´s opera "Siegfried" 2nd act

Liste der Aufnahmen mit dem Siegfriedruf - List of recordings of the Long Call - Part 2

Dazu einige historische Beispiele mit dem Hornruf aus dem 1.Akt Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt) - Some historic examples about the Short Call from the first act of Goetterdaemmerung (Siegfrieds Rhine Journey)

Recordings of "THE CALL":

Peter Damm with Dresden Staatskapelle under Marek Janowski -  


and the Short Call from Siegfried´s Rhine Journey - (production)


The Levine New York Metropolitan RING on LASER DISC, Julie Landman played the call, CD & VIDEOTAPE        hopefully soon

Kaoru Chiba playing the Call LIVE in concert with the New Japan Philharmonic under Hiroshi Asahina, all singers are Japanese but singing German.(CD) - (LIVE) - 1983 ca.


Wolfgang Tomboeck, State Opera Vienna, Viennese Horn:, live March 14th, 1993


superb !! But I doubt the use of Viennese Pumpenhorn.According to my source in Vienna (Franz Soellner, former 3rd & 2nd horn of the VPO), Wolfgang borrowed his Alex107, converted it to F-highF.

and the Short Call from a live concert at the Musikverein Hall Dec.11th, 1994, Daniel Barenboim cond.


This sounds like Viennese Horn, but was not.He used Franz Soellners Bb/high-F Alex.

Arthur David Krehbiel, San Francisco, demonstrating the Short Call from Goetterdaemmerung on his Excerpts Clinic CD


Aufnahmen des Siegfriedrufes:

Keith Whitmore on Instruments of the orchestera (Seraphim) under Adrian Boult:


Susanna Wich from the Karlsruhe RING 1994/95, Guenther Neuhold conducting,


Christan Lampert, Bayreuth 2002 !!!!!

now Prof.Christian Lampert


 superb !!!

One of our readers of the IHS Hornlist said, I might have many, many recordings of my Long Call, but would place only the best of them here. Well, why should I place my worst calls here ?

Gregory Cass, Grand Theatre de Geneve 2000 live. Siegfriedruf - Long Call - incl. the Dragon


Emanuel Hrdina, 2nd horn of the Prague (Czech) Phil in a SIEGFRIED production
under Hans Swarovsky, done in a rush in Nuremberg studio
1968, published by Editio Fabbri Milano (superb booklets in Italian with many pictures  (LP) - (production) - right on the picture below, with Jindrich Petras, while in Tokyo 1988


1.: the oldest recordings including Vienna 1933 up, Bayreuth 1951 up, Dennis Brain, Freiberg, Thevet, Tuckwell, Horner, Koch, Farkas, N.Y. 1937 up,  N.Y. 1951, Buenos Aires: Iervolino, Ceccarossi, Lohan, Penzel, Ploetner, Krueger, Lind, Kainz, Dom.Zullo, Roland Berger LongCall1.htm 

3.: Gerd Seifert & Hans Pizka LongCall3.htm

4.: Midifiles: Siegfried Fantasy for 8 horns by Karl Stiegler; The Long Call   LongCall4.htm

to see my horn used for most of my Long Calls go:  MySiegfriedHorn.htm

instructions about playing THE CALL see at

sigfrid.htm - Anleitung zum "Ruf"

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