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above: one of the Sunday horn ensemble concert sessions (1960) in the former Redoutensaal in Linz. Prof.Erich Pizka (center,standing), from the right: Georg Viehböck & Hans Pizka (1st horn 2nd from the right), Volker Baurecker & Erich Mikesch ( 2nd horn - sitting next), Hauer, Hans Schifflhuber, ? (3rd horn), Lambert Leisser (died 1965), Franz Eder (4rth horn)

conducting the horn ensemble: brother Heinz Pizka in the foreground, just above him (w/mustache) youngest brother Dipl.Ing.Helmut Pizka, to the right Franz Ocenasek

the hornensemble at the yearly meeting at the Petrinum in Linz, about 1977

Weisstrach 7 Oct. 1984: left to right: Willi Rosenberger, Ing.Hans Illich, Eduard Zehetner, Franz Ocenasek (+), Prof.Erich Pizka, Erwin Frischauf, Heitz Christian, Pizka Heinz, Novacek Rudolf.

his two favorite students: Franz Soellner (VPO) and mag.Albert Heitzinger, his successor as teacher

Riedegg 1984

Weisstrach 25 Jun 1967: left to right: Georg Viehböck, Franz Söllner, Hans Illich, Prof.Erich Pizka, Erich Fötschl, mag.Albert Heitzinger, Heinz Pizka, erwin Frischauf 

conducting the horn ensemble, mother sits at right in the back; to be seen from left: Erhard Zehetner, Willi Rosenberger & Heinz Pizka



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