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€ 9.-

"Dream Music" for Horn & Piano by Didac Monjo: Friendship Suite (12) & "A Day in the Country" (7) & Richard Strauss: Andante cantabile op.posth.., Wiegenlied, Introduction, Thema & Var.op.17 (1878) - Julia Suoin (piano) & Hans Pizka (horn)

These twelve & seven short movements of lovely light music for horn & piano in the style of the Beatles has found a wide reception. Didac Monjo has made his success with his film music & his ballets.. Richard Strauss' Andante op.posth. is well known within the horn community. His op.17, composed 1878 by the 14years old R.Strauss, bears motivs, which he used in his 2nd horn concerto' s finale about 70 years later. The Wiegenlied can also be played using a harp instead of the piano. Hans Pizka uses his Ganter full double F/Bb for the Monjo pieces & the first two pieces by R.Strauss, while op.17 is performed on the single F Ganter Viennese horn. The Strauss pieces are unedited live recordings from private concerts



€ 12.-

"Dennis Brain" - Rare Radio Recordings:
W.A.Mozart: Concerto No.2 (live 1948), Paul Hindemith: Hornsonata in F (rec.1951), Franz Danzi: Concerto in E-flat( instead of E)(live 1955), Othmar Schoeck: Concerto op.65 ( 1956) - Fortunately there is one mistake in his live performance of the Mozart, conducted by Paul Hindemith. Transposing the Danzi to E-flat allows easier fingering for the horn soloist using the Bb- horn. The Schoeck is played in Dennis Brain's most mature interpretation. Hindemith's Sonata in F has been recorded in the Stuttgart Radio Studio -  Conrad Hansen (piano), Southwest-Radio-Orchestra Baden-Baden, Kurpfaelzisches Kammerorchester cond. By E.Bodart, Paul sacher Chamber Orchestra, cond. by Paul Sacher - historical recordings


€ 12.-

Karl Stiegler, Hans Berger & Gottfried von Freiberg, Peter Anders (tenor), VPO under Rob.Heger, Franz Schalk, Karl Böhm & Clemens Krauss. - first recordings of horn quartets, horn solo excerpts from Beethoven's No.6 & No.8, Anton Bruckner's No.4 (Scherzo), Schubert: "Auf dem Strom", Strauss: 2nd horn concerto, a radio lecture (excerpt), obituary & Mendelssohn's Nocturno - There is an announcement "Aufnahme für Grammophone" at the beginning of the two horn quartets (before 1910). Stiegler's bright horn tone can be heard in Bruckner's Scherzo (1928) and in the Beethoven excerpts. Hans Berger recorded Schubert's "Auf dem Strom" 1943 in Berlin with famous tenor Peter Anders. Gottfried von Freiberg recorded Richard Strauss' the 2nd concerto quasi live in Sept.1943 in Vienna. A radio lecture featuring his voice is followed by Prof.Otto Strasser speaking the obituary (1962) and Nocturno  - historical recordings


€ 12.-

"Aus unserer Heimat Oberösterreich" - ("From our sweet home Upper Austria Province") - 23 original horn quartets by Erich Pizka (1914-96) played by Hans Pizka - Erhard Zehetner - Franz Söllner & Eduard Geroldinger ("The Erich Pizka Memorial Horn Quartet") on single Viennese F horns , recorded Nov.20/21, 1996 -

This CD is a homage to the late horn professor Erich Pizka, who's 23 original horn quartets are recorded here for the first time. His three former pupils & his son play all the waltzes, marches, polkas & serenades on their single F Viennese horns with the traditional rich horn sound. All four players speaking the same local dialect, playing the same instruments, having studied with the same teachers.


€ 12.-

"Romantische Raritäten" - Rare Romantic Pieces by horn playing composers & their friend from the 19th century: Adam Wirth, Ignaz Lachner, C.D.Lorenz, J.R.Lewy, Friedrich von Flotow, Oskar Franz & Franz Strauss.--Wilfried Koch (piano) & Hans Pizka (horn - Ganter full double F/Bb, Viennese narrow bore) . -Hans Pizka recorded these ten romantic and virtuoso pieces within two short sessions using his Viennese bore Ganter F/Bb double horn. Some of these pieces will surely find their way into the horn players repertory, as they demonstrate beauty of tone, classical horn technique & beautiful music.


€ 12.-

"Hans Pizka LIVE in Concert"

1)B. Britten: Serenade op.31 for tenor - Algirdas Janutas, horn & strings, Lithuanian National Symphony under Terje Mikkelsen, Feb.1st, 1997 Vilnius - 2) R.Gliere: Concerto op.91, The Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc under Jiri Mikkula, Feb.27th, 1997 Olomouc - 3) R.Strauss: 2nd Horn concerto, members of the Bruckner Orchestra in Linz under Kurt Wöss, Sept.11th, 1964 Linz, mono, single Viennese F horn- 1) & 2) Ganter F/Bb full double -
LIVE recordings have come into fashion as they provide more atmosphere than studio recordings. So say the reviewers. Elder recordings cannot be expected to be perfect as with 1997 equipment. R.Strauss' horn concerto no.2 was still a big bite for most orchestras. Nevertheless, the sound of the single F horn is worth listening as it is the only recording of this concerto by a former student of the first performer. Britten's Serenade op.31 and Gliere's Concerto op.91 were recorded with 1997 equipment and are unedited as in the concert.
06 - Track 6.wav click here for the Hymn from Brittens Serenade


€ 12.-

"Der zweite Streich" - The Second Prank - a second volume of horn quartets composed or arranged by Erich Pizka, played by the Erich Pizka Memorial Quartet on single Viennese F horns - Fanfares, gallops, marches & waltzes by Erich Pizka, Franz Abt's "Waldandacht", Karl Komzak's "Märchen", Schubert's "Lindenbaum", "Frühlingszeit" & "Jagdlied", Anton Bruckner's "Trösterin Musik" & "Perger Präludium", Hans Richter's "Wagneriana", J.Dürner's "Sturmbeschwörung", Friedrch von Flotow's Aria from "Martha" and Ed.Hermes' "Trinklied für Jäger". Listen to the genuine horn sound of the Viennese F Horns


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